"Justin and Navigator Church Ministries have been an essential part of Riverside's efforts to become a church that more effectively lives out Jesus' vision for multiplication.  Justin's experience, gifts, and passion for disciple making gave our leaders the courage to honestly assess where we were falling short of God's vision for our church.  Justin then provided us with the tools and guidance to make fundamental and specific changes in our church structure, communication strategy, and leadership development.  Today we have more people coming alongside of others in our community to help them know and follow Jesus than ever before." -Dan Teefey, Lead Pastor


"At first, I was a leery of someone I didn't know coming in to help, but since Justin started working with us he has been such a blessing and a real source of encouragement. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of leading a church, that it's easy to lose sight of personal disciple making. This is where Justin has been such a great help, not only has he come in and asked the hard questions, but he's also given us the necessary tools and training to form a disciple-making culture. 

Also, on a personal note, Justin has been great friend and confidant to me.  I’ve leaned on him for his wisdom and guidance both for church matters and personal matters. Anyone entering into a partnership with Justin is in for a real treat. " -Dave Holmes, Lead Pastor.


"Justin has a gift of encouraging and challenging surface level believers to go deeper with Christ, then to evangelize and disciple others. He's made a significant impact on my life by challenging me to go deeper and I know he had the same impact on many men in the church." -Steve Johnson, Church Leader


"On my way to meet Justin, I was convinced he'd be just another in a long line of people trying to sell our church a new program. As Lead Pastor, people are constantly trying to sell me the next great church program or idea. I quickly learned that Justin was different. He didn’t provide me with a program, he provided me with a partnership. It was a partnership based on dialogue, honest discussion, and decisions that would be best for my ministry context. Justin didn’t come in and try to fit us into an established program; instead, we worked together so that we could come up with the best solution for our church to live out the Great Commission to make disciples.


And honestly, we aren’t there yet, our church is still figuring it out. The best part about being on this journey is knowing that I don’t have to figure it out on my own, Justin is there to walk alongside me on this journey we call ministry." -Tony Miltenberger, Lead Pastor.


"Justin has instilled in me a passion to make disciples in each and every context of my life.  As a highly engaged member of my church, I'm now working to help create a culture that makes disciplers with both a purpose and a plan.  Justin's insights have been instrumental to me in this process.  While he has the wisdom to know exactly what needs to happen next, he doesn't control the course of leadership. If you're considering working alongside Justin, you can expect his influence to be insightful and transformative. I know it has been for me." -John Ruiz-Bueno, Church Leader.


"Justin’s an exemplar leader, and we’re confident you’ll be impressed by both his heart and skills. In a short time, he's won the confidence of numerous pastors he is helping grow cultures of disciplemaking vs. isolated examples." -Roy & Margaret Fitzwater, U.S. National Directors Navigator Church Ministries


One key to making disciple makers is wisely choosing where to invest. I WON'T WORK WITH JUST ANYONE. IT WAS AN HONOR TO WORK WITH EACH PERSON ON THIS PAGE.