1. REVEAL for Church Survey - If your church has recently taken the REVEAL survey, in Dayton, Ohio or anywhere east of the Mississippi, allow me to help you and your team interpret and apply the data. I offer three sequential workshops: A. Understanding Reveal. B. Understanding Your Data. C. Taking Action.


2. The Impact and Lifestyle of a Disciple Making Pastor This workshop is a great fit for denominations, conferences, or church networks. What can happen when pastors and local church leaders commit themselves to ‘grow as a disciple to make disciples’? This workshop focuses on the process – with some practical insights on what a disciple-making lifestyle looks like in a pastor’s everyday life. 


3. The Disciple Maker's Toolbox - “If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Training disciples who reproduce requires equipping. Program-based discipleship too often leads to dependence that hinders reproduction. This workshop focuses on how to develop disciples whose toolboxes are stocked and whose hands are skillful. 


4. The Master Trainer - What are the foundational principles of disciple making? This workshop explores the principles Jesus used in making and training disciples, as well as, how to apply them in today’s world! 


5. Disciple Making in a Culture of Consumerism - A deep understanding of how growing and living in a culture of consumerism impacts us and those we disciple is a vital step to developing disciples who don't conform to the world around them. This workshop focuses on how "the water we swim in" can deeply affect our disciple making methods.


6. Basics of Spiritual Parenting - Spiritual parenting is relational, intentional, and intrusive. This workshop focuses on the process of follow-up for a new believer, so that he can grow to maturity.   


7. Taste And See - Is your relationship with God lacking that zesty fresh flavor?  Learn to spice it up through the practice of some well-known and lesser known spiritual disciplines.  If deeper intimacy with God is what you crave, come taste and see.


8. The Insider - Tired of feeling guilty about not sharing your faith?  Have you moved past guilt to apathy?  Following God in this area doesn’t have to make you a neighborhood outcast; learn how to interact with people in ways that have them asking you to tell them about Christ! 


9. Developing Introverts into Disciple Makers - Ever noticed how your best disciple makers are extroverts? The Great Commission isn’t just for those who are great with people. This workshop helps introverts overcome barriers and extroverts understand how to help.


10. Becoming A World Christian—After two thousand years of Christian missions where do we stand?  How can you apply the Great Commission “to all nations” from the center of the U.S.?  Learn how to be a part of reaching the nations right where you are. 


11. Transitioning with Faith - Help your high school students prepare to transition to college life.  With over eight years experience working with Christian students in college, I can offer unique and accurate information on the challenges and opportunities that life on a campus offers. [Intended for juniors & seniors in high school]


12. Leadership & Self-Deception - Are you self-decieved?  If you were, would you know it?  Chances are self deception's negatively impacting your life and your relationships.  Explore how to recognize and remove self deception from dragging you down.


13. The Grace-Filled Life - Christian activities got you worn out?  Are you so busy trying to prep for Bible study, memorize verses, witness to your neighbor, etc. that you feel spiritually empty?  It’s not supposed to be that way!  Come learn what it means to live under the law of grace!


14. The Art of Asking Questions - Learn how to ask questions like Jesus did.  Asking questions is the key to unlocking people’s hearts, but so few of us are skilled in the art of asking. Take the time to consider the impact of questions and how we can use them to get to the heart of the issue.


15. Conflict Resolution - Healthy relationships involve conflict. For many it's a threat, for others it's a contest, but in Christ centered relationships it's an opportunity to grow. Whether it's within marriage, work, family, or friendships learning how to properly handle conflict is a life skill we can't do without.