Top 3 Posts of 2018...So Far

The fourth of July is made special by fireworks. Though we’ve seen them before, each year we take the time to enjoy them again. Invariably, we find that they lift both our eyes and our spirits in a fresh way.


Blog posts can be like that. And so, each July I take the time to celebrate the best posts of the year so far. As well as to review the best of a year ago…I trust that even if you’ve seen them before, like fireworks, they’ll impact you again, perhaps in a new way, because though the posts haven’t changed, you have.

So what were the three posts that were read and shared the most? Here they are for the first half of 2018:  

1.     What’s the Difference: Mentoring vs. Disciple Making?

2.     Marks of a Disciple Making Culture: Aimed at the Lost

3.     What’s the Difference: Christian vs. Disciple

One post I think deserves another look:

1.     The Fruit of a Disciple – Apples or Ornaments

And the Top 3 from January to July 2017…

1.     Supercharge Your Discipleship with this Disciple Making Scale

2.     Does Your Church Make Members or Disciples?

3.     Lies We Believe: My Call Isn’t to Make Disciples, It’s To…