The Fisherman By Larry Huntsberger

ISBN: 978-0-8007-5844-8
READ: July 2018
RATING:  9/10


Summary: This book of Biblical fiction is incredible! Huntsberger writes from the perspective of Simon Barjona (Peter) and paints an incredible picture of what it could have been like to follow Jesus. I'm not a huge fan of fiction, but this read like non-fiction because of how closely the author sticks to the biblical account. Huntsberger develops the narrative with striking insights about Jesus and Peter that I hadn't considered before.

So why a nine, instead of a ten? Little stuff. Some parts I felt like were too long others I wished he'd spent more time developing. But overall, it's a home run!

I recommend it fully because it helps us develop a detailed and chronological picture of Jesus' ministry on earth. As I continue to develop depth and detail to my understanding of how Jesus made disciples, this book was enjoyable and helpful.