Top 3 Blog Posts of 2016

Yes, I know this blog was just born in mid-August, but the end of the year brings a great opportunity to look back.

I began this blog for three reasons:

 1. To develop my thinking and writing.

2. To "show my work".

3. To help others with being and making disciples.

So far, so good. Each month, the posts have grown in readership and breadth of influence. I owe much of that to you. Thank you for faithfully reading. Thank you also for passing along the blogs you find most helpful. It’s a great feeling to know that something I’ve written has impacted you and that you believe it will do the same for others!

Before I began this journey, I was told it takes three years to establish a blog. I’m four months in, so I’m just getting warmed up!  Regardless, here are my top posts of 2016, according to number of hits. Did you miss one? Take the time to revisit your favorites and share them with your friends!

1.      For Parents: Three Disciple Making Questions to Ask Your Kids

2.     The Silver Bullet of Spiritual Growth

3.     Parents Needed: The Church’s Orphan Problem

As the calendar flips to 2017, I’m excited to share more with you! Thanks for reading!