Top 3 Posts of 2017...So Far

A few times this year I’ve had to remind myself that the goal of my blog isn’t to please everyone every time. I don’t write for the masses. I don’t chase clicks or shares.

My regular readers include pastors and brand new Christians, disciples makers and those who aspire to make disciples, those who have been discipled and those who never have, those who are deep in Scripture and those who have barely read any Scripture.

As you may have noticed, my posts are normally focused on one of three things: 1. being a disciple 2. making disciples or 3. building a disciple making culture within a church. My hope is that at least one out of every three posts hits home for you.

With that said, every six months I like to look back on three posts that were the most significant for my readers and one that I think deserved more attention than it got. Here they are for the first half of 2017 (and if you missed it, the top posts of 2016):

1.     Supercharge Your Discipleship with this Disciple Making Scale

2.     Does Your Church Make Members or Disciples?

3.     Lies We Believe: My Call Isn’t to Make Disciples, It’s To…

One post I think deserved more attention

1.    Four Reasons Why Discipleship is No Longer Helpful